Focus on the Fundamentals: No Shame in Your Game

Fundamentals win matches! It’s always the right time to focus on the core of your game.

A Skirt on the Mat

A teammate of mine recently expressed a desire to revisit some basics, and essentially fill in some holes in her jiu jitsu education/training after class once a week, and I offered to help: as both a reference and a drilling partner. It’s going to be a lot basics and fundamentals- firming up the foundation of her jiu jitsu to improve her overall game and knowledge.

Personally, I think there’s no shame in admitting there’s something lacking in your game, as long as you are then willing to do something about it. As much as we want to learn all the things when it comes to the sport, really there are only so many hours in the day, and inevitably something will fall by the wayside. Sometimes there are only so many things you are able to focus on, that one piece of the huge jiu jitsu puzzle will get the short…

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